Further Information

Hitting the Target is designed to assist youngsters with understanding angles. It is mainly aimed at the Key Stage 2 element of education, where the the concept of angles are introduced in mathematics.

Hitting the Target aims to address the topic using a subject that all children can relate to - sports. Angles can be applied to virtually any sport, particularly snooker, football, cricket and tennis (the sports used in Hitting the Target).

The main topics that Hitting the Target cover are:

If you require further information about Hitting the Target, you can contact the developer Simon Jobling (email [at] hittingthetarget [dot] com).


February 2004

Hitting the Target has now won an award at the 2004 BEA Festival of Media Arts. It came first in the category of Online Instruct/Train for Interactive Multimedia. Is there no Hitting the Target??

January 2004

The traffic for Hitting the Target has been hitting records this month due to the amount of learning resources linking to it. More and more websites dedicated to supplying links to websites for learning are adding links to HTT as a unique and useful learning aid in mathematics, a subject many youngsters have difficulty grasping.

November 2003

HTT has also now won an award in the Association for Educational Communications and Technology International Student Media Festival Awards (AECT ISMF) which is a great honour. This is an internationally recognised award and proves that HTT is hitting the right spots when it comes to learning aids.

June 2003

Hitting the Target has been shortlisted as one of ten finalists for this years Mando Student Website Design Awards. Thanks to all those involved during the development of Hitting the Target, in particular Alan Wiggins (headteacher), John Griffiths (deputy headteacher) and the children of Butts Primary School in Walsall. Special thanks also go out to all the students and lecturers at Staffordshire University who have also helped during the building of Hitting the Target.